Don’t work to live. Do live to enjoy.

I feel that an increasing number of people might enjoy spending everyday like on holiday. The people enjoy rewarding jobs and enjoyable activities a lot. I’d like to live in the future as such a person. Don’t work to live, do live to enjoy. Since time is all we have, it’s marvelous to spend everyday feeling like good weather on Saturday morning. If you can feel so, we have enough time, we can do everything, nothing is stopping you. What do you get started on first?
Having these feelings, I decided to change our company’s name to “Saturday”.

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Things I wanna achieve.

After the Covid-19 pandemic ends, I’ll become a strategy and promotional planner in the years ahead. I can help Japanese companies to expand their businesses to other Asian countries. Because of that, I am planning to work from another Asian city for a few months, several times a year. That’s why improving my English skill is important to me.
And I have one more thing I want to achieve. I’d like Japanese OSHIBORI culture to expand all over the world. OSHIBORI is a rolled towel for wiping your hands before a meal and a break. The culture has been around for 300 years in Japan. We use hot ones for colder days, and cold ones for hotter days. I’m planning to open organic drink shops and provide OSHIBORI free of charge along with drinks.

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高城剛 Tsuyoshi Takashiro

I respect Tsuyoshi Takashiro and subscribe his mail magazines. He can’t stay at the same place for long time so He repeats transfer across the world. He is my mentor on my planning work of sales promotion. I always think that he would do what and how, if he were me. The future that he imagines and talks usually surprise all subscribers. He says visiting, seeing and touching the practicals are much more important than all information through the internet. The real only has the real. I really recommend his mail magazines to subscribe for your work and life.

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FPV drone.

I’m goona start practicing a FPV drone next year. To be able to shoot very attractive movie is great especially it’s useful for any advertisements and promotions of events. They can fly even inside hall as long as we can control it in very slow mode and also of course fly freely outside to shoot even if the target is any big one like a playland. BUT we must obtain some liceses to use 5.8GHz radio waves in Japan. so, First I’m gonna study to pass the exam. 🤮

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Changing the name of our company.

I’m planning to change the name of our company next year maybe Feb. We already got a domain word used as the new company name. The name is something like felling happy for every one in the world. We want anyone like my company and all works, so we put more heart and emotion into the new name. look forward to the news. Thanks.

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英語勉強・Learning English

Since under covid-19 situation, it’s hard to go to any other countries, but I had been to asian country several times a year until the year since I went to Cebu island to study English. I was able to become a worker using English abroad. I’m good at the continuation of something necessary for me even so it’s very long term.

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Happy birthday to everyone whose birthday is oct 21st. actually I’m one of them and over 40years old but I will do work hardly and enjoy my life. Thank you.

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No telephone

I actually make it a rule never to use a telephone on my work except in emergency. please contact me through e-mail📧.

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To be honest.

I was planning to work in an asian country as a planner and I tried to do my new business before the covid-19 situation. But as you know, I couldn’t do it. Of course I’ve never given it up. It’s too early to do so. The situation is still not settled even now. I hope I can do work with you in any country especially in asian one After that.
Please check my movie shot at Voracay island to tap following the photo🌅. All this movie was shot by only DJI Mavic sometimes was held in my hand🖐🏻.

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By the way..

I’m gonna make contents and commemt in Enilish. Communication with people all over the world is a great encouragement for me as an planner🙂. pls check my posts on instagram, if you are intrested in.

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